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We deals in Projector Screen in Karachi Pakistan. Get Best Quality Projector Screen on cheap and affordable price in Karachi Pakistan with Manual Pull Down Projector Screen, Motorized  Electric Projector Screens, Portable Projector Screen Fix Frame Projector Screen, Home Cinema screens and 16:9 Ratio screens .

Want to purchase the best projector screen in Pakistan? Contact us for the wide range of home theater projector screens and projector screens for office that we offer. These projector screens come in different materials as well as varied projector screen sizes.

We’re Pakistan’s leading projector screen specialist and the variety of projector screens that we provide includes;

• Manual Instalock Projector Screens
• Motorised Projector Screens
• Fixed Projector Screens
• Curved Projector Screens (Acoustically Transparent) 4k Fabric

Whether you’re looking for a Fixed Frame Screen for your home cinema or an Electric projector screen for your office, we’re here to help. We also offer versatile projector stand ceiling mounts that you can purchase based on your requirements.

Fix Frame Projector Screens

This Fixed Frame Projector Screen is the perfect solution for a dedicated application with an ultra slim stylish black velvet frame to achieve a sophisticated look. The solid structure and tensioning system ensures that this screen is always perfectly flat making this ideal screen for Home theater Projectors and 4K Entertainment Home cinam Projectors.

  • Perfect for dedicated applications.
  • This screen is ideal for Ultra/short throw projectors.
  • 3cm black velvet frame all around.
  • Front projection.
  • 1:1 gain.
  • Viewing angle 160 degrees.
  • This screen is perfectly flat due to the tension creating a flawless picture.
  • Rail mounting brackets for easy installation
  • Sizes available 120

Electric Projector Screen

Product features

  •  Electrical Screen comes with Remote Control
  •  Silver plated aluminum housing
  •  Suitable for wall or ceiling installation
  •  Sliding bracket mechanism for flexible installation
  •  Equipped with excellent roll in-out device
  •  The screen position can be locked at any position

    Screen surfaces

  •  Screen material is fabric base
  •  Black coating prevents ambient light behind the screen
  •  4:3 and 16:9 size will be delivered with a black border




Manual Projector Screen

  • Pull Down Projector Screen is a ceiling recessed manually operated screen.
  • Developed with the installation process in mind, the Advantage Manual Screen with Controlled Screen Return (CSR) provides the convenience and flexibility of installing the case and fabric/roller assemblies at separate stages of construction.
  • A floating mounting method utilizing adjustable roller brackets is designed into the lightweight, extruded aluminum case allowing the centering or offsetting of the screen.
  • Finished case edges provide a clean look and comfortable build-in of ceiling tiles.
  • Sizes 5×4, 6×6, 5×7, 8×6, 8×10, 9×12

Tripod Projector Screen

  • Portable Projector Is ideal for exhibitions
  • Silver plated aluminum housing
  •  Suitable for Outdoor usage
  •  3 Leg Tripod Stand makes it easy to install
  •  Equipped with excellent roll in-out device
  •  Self rewind mechanism
  •  The screen position can be locked at every 13 cm
  • Sizes 6×6, 5×7 & 6×8

Home Cinema Motorized Projector Screen

  • Sizes: 120, 135, 150, 180, 200 inches available.